18 nov VOICES OF KYOTO – OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS! VOICES OF KYOTO – ワークショップ「京都の声」への 参加者募集 2021年12月8日-12日

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08 – 12 DECEMBER 2021

Update !
Application deadline : Friday, 3rd December, 3PM JST

What is Voices of Kyoto ?

Would you like to take part in an artistic project with people from different parts of the world? Would you like to perform on stage with a group of amateurs and professional artists? Are you interested in an immersive soundscape experience mixing theater, music and movement?

Come to join Marcus Borja (artist currently in residence at Villa Kujoyama, stage director and musician) in his experimental workshop Voices of Kyoto that will take place from the 8th to the 12th December 2021 at Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto.

Marcus Borja proposes to experience the building process of a live performance in this unique and intensive workshop, and to discover a performer’s training method based on listening and responsiveness. Voice, body and space will be our tools to create together an original artwork that we will share with an audience at the end of the sessions on 12th December, at Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto.

This call is open to people of all ages, ethnicities, languages, faiths, social and cultural backgrounds. Singers, actors and people who play a musical instrument (you can bring yours) are especially welcome, even if this project is not exclusively addressed to them. The more diverse our group is, the better it is!

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What is this project about ?
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« My art project in Japan consists of a ‘listening journey’, discovering and collecting sounds and vocal memories across the country. Then, I try to put those voices together into choral live performances mixing theater, music and movement. 

My whole work is articulated and built around listening in the most generous sense. Listening to oneself and to the other, listening to inner and outer space, It is from a shared experience of listening to different people’s voices that I try to weave the wefts of my creations. I try to harmonize discordant voices and build a symphony from the cacophony. 

These compositions are deployed in artistic performances and actions in public spaces. Awareness of the diversity and the multiple stories behind and alongside « History » opens up endless possibilities for exchange, sharing and relativization of our own cultures. We are not alone and there are many voices resounding in our own voice.

We are going to play together with the sounds, noises and silences of the world. The idea is to transport the audience to another perception of every day’s reality, inviting them to suddenly see it transformed, different from the image worn away by the routine to which our eyes, ears and our bodies have become used … 

Art can powerfully transform interior and exterior spaces. And here, it will be thanks to your own vocal material and your creativity that we will, together, rebuild the environmental space just by taking time to listen to each other. And I can assure you that we will have a lot of fun! »

Marcus Borja

Picture : Villa Kujoyama

Marcus Borja
Marcus Borja_Portrait_credit Diego Bresani

Marcus Borja (Villa Kujoyama 2020 laureate)

Actor, author, director, musician and choirmaster, Marcus Borja holds two doctorate degrees from the Sorbonne and the University of São Paulo (2015) and SACRe/Paris Sciences et Lettres (2017). His career began in his native Brazil where he stages his first production at the age of 20: Sete Mitos de Amor (Seven Myths of Love), an adaptation of stories from Greco-Latin mythology for twenty performers and an Early music quintet. In this production he was set and costume designer as well as musical director.

After a degree in literature at the University of Brasília he moved to France at the age of 24. He attended the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq before being accepted into the École supérieure d’art dramatique de Paris (ESAD), and, then into the French National Conservatory of Dramatic Art as a theater director. He has also acquired a degree and masters in art history and museology from the École du Louvre.

His main creations for the stage are Le Chant des signes, on the poems of Sony Labou Tansi; Théâtre, a choral performance with 50 artists in 38 languages (2015, 2016); Intranquillité, based on Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet (2016-2017); Bacchantes, a version of Euripides’ The Bacchae translated by himself from ancient Greek (2017), as well as Zones en travaux, a piece for forty young artists between 18 and 21 years old.
Chorality, musicality and multilingualism are at the center of his work for the stage. He often interweaves his personal work with new artistic collaborations.

Residency project : Choralités intercontinentales

During his residency stay at Villa Kujoyama, Marcus Borja continued to commit to musical, multidisciplinary projects, more specifically as a conductor in a choral that works hands-in-hands with educative and cultural networks in Japan.

Marcus Borja has prestented his new creation, Notre Dame du silence, for the opening of Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2021.

Picture :  Lucas Ennebeck

More information

Free of charge

Udpate !

Application deadline : Friday, 3rd December, 3PM JST

▪ Schedule/Places ▪

8, 9, 10 December: 6pm-9:30pm @Villa Kujoyama
11, 12 December: 10am-1pm, 2pm-5:30pm @Villa Kujoyama
Total of 23,5 hours

▪ Performance ▪
On December 12th from 6pm-8pm @Villa Kujoyama
The performance presentation will be open to public audiences. (free)

▪ Language of Workshop ▪

English with Japanese translation

▪ Clothing ▪

Please come with your clothing to move and sing comfortably


Performance on the last day

Please bring your clothing entirely black or white (Marcus Borja will tell during the workshop)

▪ Other conditions ▪
– you are more than 15 years old
– the transportation costs to the workshop place is in charge of each participant
– please bring your own foods and drinks if necessary. There are neither convenience stores close to Villa Kujoyama, nor café/vending machines in the building.
you agree to appear in photos and videos taken during the workshop and performance for the promotion of the event

The total number of participants will be around 25.

How to reach Villa Kujoyama ▪

Please note that Villa Kujoyama doesnt have any parking space for cars nearby (bike only)
📞Information : +81 (0)75-761-7940

▪ Schedule for application ▪

Update : Application deadline via Google Form : Friday, 3rd December, 3PM JST

Please send your application from here.

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Any registration will be accepted by all the other means than this form.

Since the capacity is limited, please register application individually and repeat the form if necessary for all other person who wish to come with you. Thank you!

The personal information collected via application form will be used strictly for the organization of this event.